The portrait is a tool for introducing the soul self to the personality so that a deeper relationship can develop. The interpretation provided by the artist is only a fraction of the information that is potentially available to the client. A prescription for how to make the most of this extraordinary visual aid is provided with each portrait.

I have learned that these components symbolize these things:

Every mark above the brow line is speaking to what is happening in the world of Spiritual Imagination, brought to evidence through the “third eye” area.  All marks below the brow line are the language for how this is made manifest in the physical world.

The eyes speak about how you “see” yourself (the left eye) and show yourself (the right eye) to be seen by others through the lens of this soul-full aspect. And together they express the feeling tone of allowing the self a soul-full experience.

The nose represents how life force is taken in (inspired) and given out (expired or expressed). This action provides fuel for the nourishment of this soul-full expression with most action taking place at the nostrils.

The mouth area represents how all of this is expressed in the world...the creative outlet, the naming of the authentic self, speaking one's truth.

The chin is the foundation of this expression and what builds upon it.

The lineup of symbols from bottom to top can sometimes be interpreted as an out picturing of the charkas. That can be determined by the individual.

The colors used are interpreted as the color expressions of the for the 1st, orange 2nd, yellow/gold 3rd, green 4th, blue 5th, indigo blue 6th and violet/purple 7th. They can also be seen as their feeling tones: warm/cool and other personal meanings assigned.

To learn even more, one side of the face can be covered and compared to the other side, to reveal the unique feeling of each side. This process can be repeated from top to bottom for the mouth and the eyes. And to see the expression as pure symbol, it can be viewed up-side down.